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Enjoy a night out in Pilsen, Chicago at the Honky Tonk BBQ with three hours of live music by Giovany Revelle and a 5-piece band! After three years of focusing on recording his album Giovany is finally ready to start playing live again to promote the upcoming project. Come dance to an eclectic selection of some of Giovany's favorite tunes that inspired him to write the songs on his album. 

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"Time" music video out now!

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Watch the music video for debut single "45" now! 

"There are plenty of artists who pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their work, but Giovany Revelle is taking his craft to the next level with the release of his debut single “45”, which is the first of 11 planned singles from the lifelong musician who has been inspired by recent life events to launch his music career. Giovany Revelle is most certainly a very hardworking and determined musician, and it is surely reflected in his work.  It shouldn’t be a surprise when you see his name at the top of the charts soon enough."

- Yuri 

Control Forever Music Blog 

"Although “45” is his only single to date, the artist has his debut album waiting in the vault and it is filled with complex ideas, observations on human existence, and real-life experiences. In specific, Giovany Revelle describes love, loss, death, and life as the main sources of inspiration. One detail that makes each song on “Giovany Revelle” so soul-awakening is his obvious emotional connection to both the craft and his lyrics-but for that you are going to have to wait. Each song on his album is packed with genuine emotion, making every moment so much more powerful."

 - Mckenzie Jerks 

Rap Fiesta Music Blog 

"45 is just the embodiment of legendary. The debut single of Chicago's hidden Gem Giovany Revelle is a magnificent and memorable single that's a mix of western/country and Chicago blues. 45 (Original Single) will be the debut single of Giovany's first album that will consist of 11 tracks showcasing a variety of styles. So stay tuned and watch out for the up and coming rising legend Giovany Revelle."

- Saiid Zeidan

Music Blog 


Watch the music video for "Chicago Kids" now! 

"The song is a testament to Revelle’s skills as a singer-songwriter, with his emotive vocals and thought-provoking lyrics perfectly capturing the magic of childhood memories. The stripped-back instrumentation of guitar and piano adds to the wistful atmosphere of the song, making it easy for listeners to connect with the emotions being expressed. Overall, “Chicago Kids” is a heartwarming and nostalgic song that is sure to resonate with anyone who has fond memories of their childhood. The song’s endearing charm and heartfelt lyrics make it a must-listen for fans of singer-songwriter music."


                                 - Kartik Sundar

                                Find No Enemy 

"Chicago Kids has a positive vibe to it. The accompanying video feels nostalgic and with 70s feeling colours and styles. We loved the lyrics to this track – the sense of hope and excitement about the future that they convey. We particularly liked the lyric “we can take route 66, someone told me that’s the way that we can get our kicks”. Clever word play and referencing!Chicago Kids is another stunning track from Giovany Revelle. This new artist has impressed us far beyond our expectations and is someone for whom we see an exceptionally bright future."

                           - Send Me Your Ears 

"Giovany Revelle releases a new single from his upcoming 11-track album as a follow-up to his debut release. Giovany’s theme of vulnerability is continued in ‘Chicago Kids’, though this time with a softer and more endearing melody.
‘Chicago Kids’ gives the viewer/listener the chance to experience a trip that so many long for, along with a touching video. Who hasn’t fantasized about loading up their belongings and heading out West in search of fame and fortune? asks Revelle from Chicago."     


                           - illustratemagazine


Giovany Revelle is a first-generation singer-songwriter and producer child of immigrants born in Corpus Christi. His roots, however, are firmly grounded in Chicago where he’s lived for over three decades. It’s where he’s become a seasoned musician. Growing up he traveled frequently to Mexico exposing him to different genres of music and soon began writing songs inspired by his experiences. After High School, Revelle focused on writing songs about immigrant rights and acting as Musical Director for his church. He has played bass, drums for other local Chicago acts, and most notably produced Rosalba Valdez’s EP, “Yo Soy Mexicana.”


In 2017, after the sudden loss of his father, who supported and believed in his music, he decided to focus on his original music, searching for musicians to record with. He was fortunate to find Roy McGrath, who co-produced Revelle’s debut album. In late 2020, after a severe car accident that served as a catalyst, he was committed to finishing his album that had already seen setbacks due to the pandemic. He recorded 11 songs in his home studio to build them, recruiting musicians and backup singers who would help deliver his soul-driven music with nods to his roots and influences. The result is a full sonic voyage rooted in nostalgia that uses modern production to showcase Revelle’s penchant for writing catchy and timeless tunes.  


Giovany Revelle's eponymous upcoming debut album was recorded over the course of a year with some of Chicago’s top musicians at Rax Trax Studios, one the city's top tier studios. It took years of planning and over 21 musicians to bring his vision to life. Between charting horns, developing string arrangements, extensive rehearsals with rhythm section and backup singers to plan out harmonies, this was the most fulfilling producing role Giovany has had for his self-financed debut album that soon will charm and delight listeners.

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