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Giovany Revelle's eponymous debut album was recorded over the course of a year with some of Chicago’s top musicians at Rax Trax Recording studio, one of the city's top tier studios. It took years of planning and over 21 musicians to bring his vision to life. Between charting horns, developing string arrangements, extensive rehearsals with rhythm section and backup singers to plan out harmonies, this was the most fulfilling producing role Giovany has had for his self-financed debut album that will charm and delight listeners.

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Giovany Revelle is a first-generation singer-songwriter and producer child of immigrants born in Corpus Christi. His roots, however, are firmly grounded in Chicago where he’s lived for over three decades. It’s where he’s become a seasoned musician. After High School, Revelle focused on writing songs about immigrant rights and acting as Musical Director for his church. He has played bass, drums for other local Chicago acts, and most notably produced Rosalba Valdez’s EP, “Yo Soy Mexicana.”


In 2017, after the sudden loss of his father, who supported and believed in his music, he decided to focus on his original music, searching for musicians to record with. He was fortunate to find Roy McGrath, who co-produced Revelle’s debut album. In late 2020, after a severe car accident that served as a catalyst, he was committed to finishing his album that had already seen setbacks due to the pandemic. He recorded 11 songs in his home studio to build them, recruiting musicians and backup singers who would help deliver his soul-driven music with nods to his roots and influences. The result is a full sonic voyage rooted in nostalgia that uses modern production to showcase Revelle’s penchant for writing catchy and timeless tunes.  


Press and Music Blogs

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"Giovany Revelle shares the newest single "My Future Baby and Me" from 11 track album Giovany Revelle which radiates old-school elegance as it takes us through the heart of Chicago. The song blends timeless melodies with the urgency of love and creativity. Originally performed live at the 2023 Mole De Mayo Fest in Chicago, "My Future Baby and Me" pulses with the true spirit of the Windy City."

                       - Natalie Patrick, Ear Milk

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Nous venons de faire la connaissance de l’artiste de talent Giovany Revelle qui à réveille notre âme grâce à son titre « 45 ». Poignant, il parle de l’expérience de mort imminente, avec grâce et mélodies renversantes...Les textes poétiques et splendides nous emporte dans un tourbillon d’émotions. Un magnifique cadeau musical, sincère et addictif."

                                 - INDIE CHRONIQUE

"Giovany Revelle’s vocals are a highlight, exuding a smooth, inviting quality. He effortlessly delivers catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics that convey the anticipation and optimism of a life yet to be lived. Lines like “There’s love in the air and I can hear it at last” and “She’s honey on trees, I’m smitten bees” paint vivid images charged with romantic energy."

                          - Plastic Music Blog

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"Giovany Revelle is sliding into the music game and bringing a new twist with him. The singer’s latest record, “45,” is a beautifully crafted record with intricate detail, and exciting melodies. His debut record is sure to pack a punch and not only that, he’s blessed us with a colorful musical video along side it. Needless to say, Rap Fiesta is hype to introduce you to all that Giovany Revelle brings to the table!...One detail that makes each song on “Giovany Revelle” so soul-awakening is his obvious emotional connection to both the craft and his lyrics-but for that you are going to have to wait. Each song on his album is packed with genuine emotion, making every moment so much more powerful." 

                                     - Rap Fiesta

"Giovany Revelle’s eponymous album, released on 29 September 2023, is a sonic masterpiece that encapsulates a decade of musical ingenuity and heartfelt passion. Through 11 tracks, Revelle takes listeners on an evocative journey, blending genres and influences that mirror his Chicago roots while embracing his Mexican heritage...In an era where artists are often confined by commercial demands, Giovany Revelle’s self-titled album stands out as a testament to artistic integrity and unbridled creativity. Each note and lyric is a celebration of life, love, and the vibrant cultural heritage that defines the heart and soul of Chicago’s music scene."

                              - Principle Music Blog

“GIOVANY REVELLE”, un artista ya conocido por ustedes ya que ha elaborado diversos sencillos que se caracterizan por tener una fuerte herencia mexicana y el ánimo cultural tan representativo de nuestro folclore, este carismático cantautor independiente se toma la libertad de plasmar otra de sus visiones musicales con tremendas melodías de ensueño que nos pondrán a volar, debido a que su canto despierta algo en nuestro ser que se encontrará dispuesto a gozar la vida en todo su esplendor, así que experimenta el nuevo panorama que se encuentra promocionando este artífice...Te recomendamos seguirlo en sus plataformas digitales para seguir por tu propia cuenta esta aventura que es un coctel de géneros brillantes, simplemente una locura que no puedes perderte. "

                     - End Sessions Music Blog 

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"The music in Giovany Revelle’s titular album reflects his energy, passion, and love and exudes them in a layered and orchestral soundscape. Naturally, the album is Giovany Revelle fleshed out. He demonstrates his originality with horns, strings, and backup vocals, dancing out and about in an upbeat ensemble. If you love soul, pop, and punk in the folds of Chicago Music, you will be drawn towards Revelle like a moth to a flame...In “Giovany Revelle,” we find the artist at his peak with nostalgically resonant and vibrant moving music. Available on Spotify, “Giovany Revelle” calls you to experience the vintage vibes coming live like electricity flashing bulbs in a vintage room."

                                                                - Illustrate Magazine

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